pricing and payouts


  • Pricing of consignment items will be set by Double Take.
  • Usual pricing of consigned merchandise is approximately 20-30% of the original retail price.
  • New items with retail hangtags still attached will be priced up to 20-40% of the original price.
  • Consigned items will be marked down 20% after 30 days and 40% for their final two weeks on the floor, or at the discretion of Double Take.
  • If you would like to have a hand in pricing, you can do this by filling out our Drop & Run Form in the payouts section, located at the bottom of this page.
  • Consignor’s will receive between 40 and 60% depending upon how high we can price items.

Competitor Match for Luxury Brands

Don't fall victim to the pitfalls of the large corporate re-sale world! Increase your money making potential by consigning at Double Take. 

We are aware of our competitors pricing models and are prepared to match their percentage offers!

Please talk with the Intake Specialist for 50-60% agreements for your high-end pieces (like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes).

A review of one of our competitors!

“I sent [competitor name redacted] a Balenciaga Motocross Giant 12 iPad Case which I originally purchased at Barneys for over $400. They listed it originally at $175, but said they would never go below 50% off. Instead they sold it for $75 (over 50% off), leaving me with a measly $42.63 commission! [Competitor name redacted] was a waste of my time and money!!!”



If you choose to consign for store credit, you will receive 50% of the selling price of your items to spend in store.

When your items sell, your store credit is immediately added to your account and ready to use!

Sometimes we give an added discount just for using your store credit! 

Drop & Run Form for Store Credit


We issue checks upon request after the sixth of a contract is complete. Checks are held at the check out counter for you to collect. You can make a request for a mailed check at the end of your consignment contract (60 days). Mailing the check will be at your own risk of lost check in the mail.

A check fee of $1 will be deducted from your total. Un-cashed checks older than 12 months become the property of Double Take.

Drop & Run Form for Check Payment