We consign like-new, gently used clothing & accessories for fashion conscious women.

From Lululemon to Louis Vuitton we sell your pre-loved items for you. Call us for an appointment! We will make consignment easy for you . All you need to is "Marie Kondo" your closet to give unused pieces a new life. Bring them in on hangers (we will give yours back). Check the list below for items we accept:

Season: Winter - accepted September thru February
Spring - accepted February thru April
Summer - accepted April thu August
Autumn - August thru September

Here are the items most in-demand: 

Animal Print

Mixed Patterns

Ankle Boots

Plus Sizes

Designer Bags

Statement Pieces

Textured Pieces

Statement Belts

Statement Necklaces


High Waist Pants


Here's how you make money! Bring in clean, current, great condition, ready to wear pieces on hangers. Put shoes and bags neatly into a carrier bag. Items are chosen and priced based on style, condition and demand.

Quality Check List

All consigned items must be...

On hangers - we give yours back to you
Clean and odor free - items that are not will be donated
Less than two years old - our clients will not shop older pieces
No Fast Fashion please - nuff said about that
On-trend and in season - statement pieces are the best sellers
In excellent condition - On a scale of 1-10, your items should be an 8 or better 

Call To Make An Appointment.

You start earning when your stuff sells. Either take a check (after your account has more than $40 in it), or use it instantly as store credit! We give a higher commission if you chose store credit. We will pay you with a check 40-60% depending upon how high your items are priced.

Make Money, Money, Money!